Slide & Print Entry Form

All Entries and Fees Must Be Received By
20 July 2013 (10:00 PM EDT)

2013 PSA International - 3D Slides & Prints are recognized by the
PSA 3D Division
Any acceptances will be eligible for 3D Star Ratings
and Listing in the 2013 3D Who's Who

Each 3D pair must consist of One Left image on the left and one Right image on the right.

  Slides (transparencies) must be in 1-5/8" x 4" mounts and may be 5 sprocket or 7 sprocket widths. By submitting an entry, you authorize the Exhibition to remount the transparencies if necessary for proper viewing.

  Prints must not exceed 4" x 7" mounted for viewing.

Information Must Be Entered Using the Western/Latin Alphabet Only

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STEP 4 - Review Information
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  Please scroll up and review all the information you entered above. Correct any errors if required. Any errors not corrected will be included in the catalog.

At the end of a successful upload, you will be taken to our PayPal payment page. Before paying, please check your email to verify the amount to be paid. The same total fee will be shown on all emails. This total does not include fees for any other type of submittals such as no-return prints.

You will receive 3 emails: One for the slide section, one for the print section and one with Mailing Labels for sending in your slides and prints. Print out a copy of the form for each section you have entered. Submit with your images as well as a copy of your PayPal payment receipt if paying by PayPal or with your check payable to "PSA" if not paying by PayPal. You may wish to keep a copy for your records also.

We have adopted this unique entry system to assure that we to not make mistakes in reading each exhibitor's name, address, etc. and print titles. Please do your part to assure the information you send us is equally correct so the catalog listings and report cards are perfect. We appreciate your help and cooperation.